About Us
In Any Event creates bespoke, luxury travel and immersive experiences throughout the British Isles.

We take our clients on personalised journeys, allowing them to explore the richness of Britain’s history, heritage and culture in comfort and style.

Who we are
In Any Event is a family business founded by Jane McCrum over 30 years ago. Jane started out as a Blue Badge guide, but set up In Any Event when she realised that repeat clients were asking just for her.

What started out as a hobby based on her love of travel and people and of offering them intimate and remarkable experiences, has since turned into one of the most reputable and highly sought-after luxury travel operators in the United Kingdom.

Jane has been ably supported for 15 years by Julie Yerou, who has a background in human resources and international finance, and Dawn Seager, who is In Any Event’s intrepid independent traveller.

Recently, Jane’s son Philip – a former Ernst and Young management consultant – has joined In Any Event, to teach his mother how to use a calculator, rather than an abacus, and help steer the company to its next exciting stage of development.

We are a close-knit team with a love of the culture, traditions and history of the United Kingdom. We built up a strong reputation for our friendly manner and personal touch and excellent attention to detail.

What we do
In Any Event redesigns luxury travel in the UK.  We create personalised luxury travel and tours offering immersive experiences that match your interests and specific requirements.

Collectively, we have over 50 years’ of experience in the UK travel industry. As a result, our experience, knowledge and most importantly, our personal contacts, are unrivalled, allowing guests to gain access to exclusive destinations, including private stately homes and historic venues, and to be guided by the most knowledgeable and reputable experts in their field. These  include authors, artists, academics, Members of Parliament and members of the aristocracy.

We cater for all clients and all interests. We design tours for individuals and couples; for larger multi-generational families, who might be looking to trace their family roots; for special interest groups, be they architects, gastronomes or zoologists; for corporate board members looking for a break from an annual summit to spend a day at Wimbledon, or patron circles looking to delve deeper into their art; or even for partner programmes or incentive groups. They all have one thing in common, however: all our clients are discerning travellers, who require a bespoke service offering exclusivity, privacy and a personal touch.

How we do it
As a family team, we are tightly run and work collaboratively to help make your trip a success. We personally visit all our venues and destinations and like to meet as many of clients as possible too.

From the moment we receive your enquiry, we will plan a personal and unique journey offering a wealth of choices to exclusive destinations. Every trip we plan is different.

Firstly, we have a chat over the phone to understand your interests, likes and dislikes, your budget and any preferred destinations or events. Based on our discussion, we will then send you an initial itinerary with proposed events and activities for your trip as well details of hotels, restaurants and transport. Taking any feedback you may have, we are happy to amend or alter your itinerary.

Once you are happy with your trip, we finalise the budget and secure all bookings and logistics. No detail is too small. But our role doesn’t end there; we also provide full support while you are on the ground. We especially love it when clients pop in for tea!

Contact Us
We hope you like what you have seen and that you’re inspired to travel with us.

To begin designing your next adventure, please get in touch with us at:

office@iaetours.com or +44 (0) 207 737 0242